"Key To A Life Worth Living"

Proverbs 22:4 salv

"True humility and the fear of the Lord lead to riches and honor and a life worth living."

When we really put our confidence in God (aka true Humility) and truly fear the Lord (aka trusting and obeying Christ's Word by the power of the Holy Spirit)
God pays us wages aka leads to
1) Riches
2) Honor
3) Long Life (aka a life worth living)

It is still interesting to me that without God aka without putting out confidence in God through our faith in His Son a human being can only obtain Riches and that's about it unless his or her wealth was reached by complete honesty in every business dealing then honor as well. But the elusive one is a long life, a life worth living because when the Scriptures talk about the length of life it is not only about length but more importantly quality of life.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God the Father and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you today~SADL

What's Going On?

Bulling is the same as terrorism

Bullying is the original terrorism and has been going on since the garden.
I remember my very first experience with being bullied. We were living in Las Vegas because my father was stationed at Nellis Air Force base. Because my dad was only a second lieutenant we ( Mom and me) did not qualify to live on base housing so we lived in a nearby trailer park. I became friends with these boys who were brothers and the oldest one liked to scare me. There was this little club house and one day he put a real bullet on the door jam and said,"Don't move Steve cause if you do the sun is going to heat up the bullet and shoot you dead!" His mom called all her boys to dinner and I just sat there still as I could be. Finally realizing the sun had gone down I risked everything and ran out of the clubhouse. When I got home my mother had been worried sick over my long absence. Not sure she ever believed my story but it is true to the best of my recollection. You never seem to forget those times in your life when you were scared to death. Another time this same kid asked me if I wanted to meet the devil. He told me that the devil lived in this whole out in our desert. I was curious so I said,"Yes I do." He preceded to take me out in the desert to where there was this whole in the ground. Not sure if I chickened out but that also scared me to death. Finally we were having a rock fight and one of my rocks supposedly hit the brother who always bullied and terrorized me youngest brother. he was crying so we stopped the fight. Later that little guy died and I watched all the brothers take him in a big card board box and bury him in the desert. For the longest time i thought it was my rock that killed him but not long after I learned that he had really died of pneumonia.

You cannot serve both God and money

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