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The Urge To Rule

“The Urge To Save Humanity Is Almost Always A False Front For The Urge To Rule” H.L. Mencken

How should we deal with the kind of people described above?
Lately, since 2008 every time the elections come around I find myself unable to relate with either Republicans or Democrats because I can no longer distinguish one from the other. My Mother was a Democrat and my father was a Republican in the home I grew up in for 18 years. Personally, (although I loved the reason that my mom was a Democrat was that she believed they were always for the underdog) I chose to copy my dad and therefore was a Republican.

Both parties "seem" to want to save humanity. But I don't and cannot buy it. My personal observation is they both just want to hold on to their power for their own aggrandizement.

Regarding Career politicians, I don't believe our forefathers ever desired and or wanted that outcome when forging the Constitution and warned against it.

Ok, I am getting way off my point for today's OnePage...I am just sharing my journey regarding dealing with the elections coming up in 2024.

If you know me at all you know I have come to believe that each and every one of us have 3 different versions of ourselves:
1) The religious version of "My Way or the Highway"
2) The philosophical version of "Whatever will be will be"
3) The good version where we really deep down in our wills and intellects desire what is truly good for ourselves and our fellow man

I was a Bapticostal preacher for almost 50 years of my 69 total. Before that, I was baptized and raised as a Catholic by my mom till 18 when I left home to become a rock star. My father is 100% Italian and attended the First Italian Baptist Church in Los Angeles until he joined the Navy at 17 to fight in the Korean War. Since my mother passed back in November 2018 I have decided to return to the Ancient Church where the divine revelation found in Genesis chapters 1-3 has won me over living the polarization of believing in 2 gods: The bad angry God of the Old Testament and the good god Jesus in the New Testament.

In the beginning, God was good and only does good. Everything He created was good. Man was created in the image of this one and only God who was and is and always will be...GOOD...You were created Good...

This Word about God being good will prove to be true; therefore, everything He does is worthy of our trust. You know contrary to craziness and insanity God cannot do anything and everything. For example" God cannot do bad things because of His nature. Apple trees can only produce apples. A Good God can only do good.

Where did all the bad come from? Before the fall of man, there was the first fall with the angels of heaven. There are three archangels each in charge of 1/3 of all the angels:
Lucifer “The Shining One”

Lucifer decided he wanted to exalt his throne over God…Big mistake…He would not repent so that at God’s command, he and 1/3 of all the angels of heaven were cast down to earth.
What does he do with his time on Earth? He goes through the earth looking for someone he can devour and therefore hurt the One and Only Creator of all by turning them into the image of himself. He is the Origin of The URGE TO RULE.

So, in conclusion, I was looking for some fortification and encouragement to go with my good version.

2 Timothy 2:24 NLT
A servant of the Lord must not quarrel but must be kind to everyone, be able to teach, and be patient with difficult people.

Gently instruct those who oppose the truth. Perhaps God will change those people’s hearts, and they will learn the truth.25

Then they will come to their senses and escape from the devil’s trap. For they have been held captive by him to do whatever he wants. 26

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God the Father, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with each and every one of you today~SAL

What's Going On?

We celebrated our 47th October 7, 2022 on

Our Story

Back in 1975 I lost my voice for over a year and lost my job as the lead vocalist for Kyle Hepler the house band at the Tomato in Waikiki.

… so I picked up the guitar

Our Story 1974-1976

Our Story

Back in 1975 I lost my voice for over a year and lost my job as the lead vocalist for Kyle Hepler the house band at the Tomato in Waikiki.

… so I picked up the guitar

Our Story 1974-1976

Our Story

Back in 1975 I lost my voice for over a year and lost my job as the lead vocalist for Kyle Hepler the house band at the Tomato in Waikiki.

… so I picked up the guitar

Going For God's Grammy

I grew up the son of a naval submariner and later a top gun fighter pilot and a beautiful and intelligent and humorous local girl from Kailua Hawaii and Eureka CA and before that Pierce Colorado.

Going For God's Grammy...His Well done! Come and share your Master's happiness!

Going For God's Grammy...His," Well Done! Come and share your Master's happiness!"

Option 3-One Mans journey from philosophy to religion to a relationship with God the Father through faith in His Son Jesus Christ
and the power of the Spirit

Born January 13, 1954 at St. Luke Hospital in Pasadena California to Patricia Ann and Ernest Theodore Laudise.

Discovering both the Problem and the Solution

The Owners Manual and the Owner
Submitted by StephenAnthony on Tuesday, 02/15/2022.

Update on Music Missions International DBA StephenAnthony moving to Waikaloa Hawaii

Dear Family and friends just an update regarding Dawn and me aka Music Missions International DBA StephenAnthony

Kudos to my Dad & Mom for supporting us in sooo many ways!
"Salstudios 96738" is up and running!
Still sorting out some snags with our Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt Audio Interface so as to record 8 tracks all at once.

In the meantime thanks to Jeff Darrow's suggestion we purchased a Focusrite Scarlett Solo.
What that means we are presently able to track a lead vocal and guitar (acoustic electric or electric) at the same time.

Contact us @:

Bulling is the same as terrorism

Bullying is the original terrorism and has been going on since the garden.

What's Going On...

Going For God's Grammy aka MMI exists to make God's love, presence, purposes and power known via:

Concerts= Saturday July 16, 2022

Recordings=Holly Lewis and Stephen Anthony
Somebody...Imago Dei.."Before I formed you in your mother's womb I knew you...Before you were born I chose you and appointed you to be my spokesperson to the world~God

"You Rescued Me" was released September 1, 2022
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You cannot serve both God and money

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