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"There Are Only Two Types Of People"

OnePage…December 4, 2022

All my life I have found myself being told that there were only two kinds of People on this earth:

Mean people or Kind people

Humble or Proud People

Republican or Democrat People

Good or Bad People

Hawaiian or Haole People

Rich or Poor People

Strong or Weak People

Black or White People

Wrong or Right People

Righteous or Evil People

Saint or Sinner People

Jew or Gentile People

Friend or Foe People

Old or Young People

Wise or Foolish People

Male or Female People…just to name a few.

Today my early Christmas present to all of you, my precious family, friends, and neighbors are the only two categories God gave us when He became a man and tabernacled among us on planet earth.

Those people who love and serve others…”The Golden Rule” People
Those people who only love and serve themselves…”He Who Has The Gold Rules” People

This simple but powerful and effective guideline for living our lives out here on planet earth will save you much time, pain, agony, frustration, bunny trails, and fits of anger. When practiced on day-to-day, moment by moment, thought by thought will reward you with peace of mind as it has rewarded me. Maybe even save relationships with family, friends, and neighbors as it has saved many of mine.

“Peace on earth and goodwill towards people.”
~Stephen Anthony "Dago" Laudise

PS from the Lord Jesus while camping out with us on planet earth.
“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and mammon.” ***
Matthew 6:24 salv

*** In many translations of the Bible the word "mammon" has been replaced with the word, "money"...The word "mammon" actually means "wealth personified" so as to be worshiped and or served as a god against or in place of the One True God of All, Savior of All, Sustainer of All, and Creator of All...The Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords!!!

*** Please note: “mammon” has been defined as money in many translations of the Bible but a more accurate definition is “wealth personified so as to worship and or serve it”

What's Going On?

We will be celebrating our 47th October 7, 2022 on

The Big Island of Hawaii truly the most beautiful place on earth that we have experienced thus far!

Going For God's Grammy

I grew up the son of a naval submariner and later a top gun fighter pilot and a beautiful and intelligent and humorous local girl from Kailua Hawaii and Eureka CA and before that Pierce Colorado.

Going For God's Grammy...His Well done! Come and share your Master's happiness!

Going For God's Grammy...His," Well Done! Come and share your Master's happiness!"

Option 3-One Mans journey from philosophy to religion to a relationship with God the Father through faith in His Son Jesus Christ
and the power of the Spirit

Born January 13, 1954 at St. Luke Hospital in Pasadena California to Patricia Ann and Ernest Theodore Laudise.

Discovering both the Problem and the Solution

The Owners Manual and the Owner
Submitted by StephenAnthony on Tuesday, 02/15/2022.

Update on Music Missions International DBA StephenAnthony moving to Waikaloa Hawaii

Dear Family and friends just an update regarding Dawn and me aka Music Missions International DBA StephenAnthony

Kudos to my Dad & Mom for supporting us in sooo many ways!
"Salstudios 96738" is up and running!
Still sorting out some snags with our Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt Audio Interface so as to record 8 tracks all at once.

In the meantime thanks to Jeff Darrow's suggestion we purchased a Focusrite Scarlett Solo.
What that means we are presently able to track a lead vocal and guitar (acoustic electric or electric) at the same time.

Contact us @:

Bulling is the same as terrorism

Bullying is the original terrorism and has been going on since the garden.

What's Going On...

Going For God's Grammy aka MMI exists to make God's love, presence, purposes and power known via:

Concerts= Saturday July 16, 2022

Recordings=Holly Lewis and Stephen Anthony
Somebody...Imago Dei.."Before I formed you in your mother's womb I knew you...Before you were born I chose you and appointed you to be my spokesperson to the world~God

"You Rescued Me" was released September 1, 2022
And Available through:
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You cannot serve both God and money

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